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Nutrition Workshop

with Stacy

Winter Workshop & Spring Workshop

Join Stacy Kennedy for winter and spring workshops on self-love nutrition and a healthy reset for the transitioning seasons.

Winter Nutrition Workshop

Self-love through healthy winter comfort foods

Tuesday, February 15th


Healthy eating doesn't have to be bland!  Rather than abandon your favorite foods this winter, learn how to make them healthier.  Focus on self-love and the ingredients that bring you joy, so the heart of your recipes celebrate culture, tradition and enjoyment. Bring your favorite comfort food recipe to class and we'll tackle how to adjust it to boost the health factor without taking away the aspects you love.

Spring Eating Nutrition Workshop

Simple, delicious, spring eating to boost vibrancy

Tuesday, March 1st


Spring is the perfect time for a refresh of your usual eating habits.  Enjoy the vibrant array of colorful spring produce and feel the benefits.  Learn how to reset your taste buds, boost your energy and mood.

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